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Discovering Brantôme


Brantôme is an idyllic village located at the gates to  the Regional Natural Park of Périgord-Limousin on the Camino de Santiago (Way of St James).  It is popular with nature lovers as well as those who like to live well and eat well.


When you hire a mobile home at Camping*** de la Pélonie you can discover the rich historic heritage of Brantôme on a day trip.


To see and do in Brantôme

Visit de the Abbey "Saint-Pierre de Brantôme" :

An ancient Benedictine abbey founded by Charlemagne in 769 with a Gothic-style church vault (15th century), one of the oldest church bells in France, troglodytic caves (relics of the first Benedictine monastery), etc...


Boat trips in Brantôme

Commented river cruise on the river Dronne along which you can see the Coudé bridge (16th century), troglodytic dwellings, the Benedictine abbey, the "monks' garden" and altars, the miller's ford, the mill convent and natural islands...


Other places of interest 

  • Dolmen of Peyrelevade, Neolithic, listed in 1889
  • Musée Fernand Desmoulin : collections of prehistoric art found during excavations in the area.  
  • Château des Roches built on a cliff dotted with caves (visits not possible), Château des Thermes (private property), Château de Puymarteau (16th century – visits not possible) and the ancient fortifications...

Photos : "Brantôme abbaye abbatiale" "Dolmen" by Père Igor - "Brantôme - grotte dans la cour de l'abbaye" by Traumrune / licence CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons