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To plan your vacation without stress, we advise you to subscribe to a cancellation insurance

Suscribing to a cancellation insurance is not mandatory but recommended. 

It is possible to suscribe to the "Campez couvert" insurance with us.

You must subscribe and pay when you book your stay.

It covers all the people registered on the contract of reservation.

Campez Couvert insurance covers you against COVID-19, as well as trip cancellation and interruption
Death, accident or serious illness including COVID, 
hospitalisation of the policyholder, a parent or close 
relative Summons: adoption of a child, as a witness or jury member, 
for an organ transplant, for an examination retake
Pregnancy complications for the policyholder Redundancy, termination of contract
Pregnancy counter-indicating the stay due to the
nature of the pregnancy Cancellation by one of the persons accompanying the policyholder (maximum of 9 people)
Counter-indication and after-effects of vaccination Theft from business or private premises
Refusal of tourist visa Property damage or major theft
Serious damage to vehicle Cancellation or amendment of paid leave
Separation (civil partnership or marriage) Serious damages due to fire, explosion, water damage
Obtaining a job Natural disasters (within the meaning of law N° 86-600 of 13 July 1986 as amended)
Change of professional situation Reimbursement of costs of sending a personal object left behind in the rental accommodation.

You can find the insurance's policy on www.campez-couvert.com

Wat de verzekering van Campez Couver garandeer

In case of cancellation:

Contact immediately the campsite to inform us about your cancellation.

Contact the insurance as soon as possible:

  • By internet : www.campez-couvert.com/sinistres
  • By e-mail : sinistre@campez-couvert.com
  • Par mail : Gritchen Tolède & Associés - Service sinistres
                          27, rue Charles Durand
                          CS 70139
                          18021 BOURGES
Consult the detailed general conditions of Campez Couvert: here
As well as the information document on the insurance product: The IPID: here